Terms and Conditions for Tuition & Groups and Holiday Courses 

Tuition and Groups


1. FEES Invoiced when a place has been accepted and are payable in full in advance at the start of each term, unless a split payment has been offered. Fees are based on the provision of approximately 33 lessons over an academic year but the number in each term may vary according to the length of the term. Payment can be made by online transfer (details of how to make payment are on the invoice). Invoices are payable within 7 days. Payments by cash are not accepted. 
Please contact us info@northwoodmusicacademy.com if your only option is payment by cheque. We accept payments in £ GBP only.

Discounts on individual tuition fees: 1st term introductory rate applies. The introductory rate will be carried over to the next term of lessons if lessons begin mid term. 

2. MISSED LESSONS and credits. If the teacher is available but the student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson no refund can be made. If the teacher is absent, every effort will be made to make up the lesson at a future date but, if not made up a credit will be issued. Credits are calculated at the end of the academic year. Attendance records are kept for invoicing and record keeping and used as the source of information for any queries about accounts.

3. TERMINATING LESSONS. Lessons can only be stopped at the end of a term. To discontinue lessons or membership of a group activity, half a term’s written notice to the Director is required. This needs to be received by the Friday before half term for finishing at the end of that term. In the absence of this written notice, a further term’s fees will be payable. There are approximately 33 lessons per year, and the number of lessons each term will vary according to the term length.

4. INSTRUMENTS. Teachers should be consulted when considering the purchase of an instrument regarding suitability. Northwood Music Academy does not accept responsibility for privately owned instruments. We recommend that you insure instruments at replacement value through a specialist music insurance company that will provide sufficient cover outside your home.

5. HEALTH & SAFETY. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the health and safety of your child whilst on our premises, Northwood Music Academy is only responsible for your child when in a lesson or activity. We are not able to provide general supervision at other times. Therefore students remain in the care of accompanying adults before and after lessons or activities. Please note we have a qualified First Aider on site.



Courses (plus holiday courses)

  1. PAYMENTS. Payments are accepted by online transfer. Payments by cash are not accepted. 
    Please contact us info@northwoodmusicacademy.com if your only option is payment by cheque. We accept payments in £ GBP only.

  2. DISCOUNTS. We are pleased to offer the following discount: early bird booking saving of 10% applies. Please see the deadline date on the booking form for the specific course you are interested in.

  3. PHOTOGRAPHS, VIDEOS AND AUDIO RECORDINGS. We’re proud of our students and are happy to share their achievements through audio recordings, video recordings and photography, and to use them in all forms and media, including social sharing and advertising. But we will only do so where we have express consent. We do not name those students who appear in photographs or video or audio recordings. 

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